Welcome to Kasiopea’s world!

Kasiopea products are hand crafted in small batches using only 100% organic raw ingredients without adding any additives or preservatives. In our production we only use our olive oil and gift from our land and our bees.

For years we have travelled and learned and realized that all that we needed we already knew.

In the entire world in the folk traditions there is a deep and hidden treasure of knowledge that has ensured generations of people perfect health and wellbeing. The most important ritual that you can do for yourself daily is the one that includes self nurture for the body and mind through good care, exercise, and good quality food.

“Little by little by taking care of your self daily
you will awaken something magical within.”


Our production

We have continued the centuries long standing tradition
of our grand grand fathers in olive oil production and bee keeping
and in combination with ancient wisdom of our grandmothers
in healing and using medicinal herbs created our love infused products.